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Counseling & Spiritual Direction

As a Servant of Love vowed to alleviate suffering and raise human consciousness, I offer the following path to healing, wholeness and liberation.  No matter where you are on the path of healing, the following counseling and spiritual direction offerings can aid and support you on your journey.  After assessing where you are along the healing trajectory, it will become clear which would be your first step. 



Your Past

Many human beings have wounding or trauma from their early life.  Whether accidental or maliciously imposed, they can benefit from doing a retrospective journey in order to validate, release and heal.  This process is accomplished using the therapeutic tool of personal narrative, or telling and witnessing your own story.  Often people suffer in silence or are told their experience is invalid.  Healing our past allows us to learn the lessons of our own life and see clearly how our present lives are impacted by those lessons.  This restores choice for our future endeavors.


Deeply into the Present

Mindfulness and self-awareness are essential to conscious evolution.  Once our history is integrated and our early wounding healed, we can sink deeply into the present moment.  It is from this moment that we have the ability to change what no longer serves us and relax into who we are while we make plans to become the person we want to become.  The present moment is a wonderful moment from which to contemplate the past and the future and it is the only moment we really have in which to live.  Mindfulness training and meditation are two practices that allow us to cultivate a steady state of living in the present and enjoying the embodied experience of being alive and attuned to creation.



The More Beautiful World Your Heart Knows is Possible

Every soul incarnates with a purpose; to learn lessons, to learn to give and receive love, and to fulfill the soul's life mission.  When we have released our past and looked deeply into our present, we will have access to our own inner knowing, our soul knowing, that will guide us.  Navigating the inner layers of the psyche and soul is made easier with a guide or teacher who has traveled that way themselves.  

Upcoming Retreats & Events

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