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The Teacher

Living a Spiritually Awakened Life

I embody the word 'teacher' in several ways... as a university educator (35 years), as a counselor (25 years), and as a minister (18 years). My approach to teaching combines my clinical psychological training, elderwoman wisdom gleaned from nearly 60 years of life, and spiritual attainment in the contemplative and mystical realms. Through this unique combination of education, discernment and mastery I have crafted a soulful curriculum of experiences, practices, and opportunities for inquiry that support your well-being on all levels. I teach people to heal the past, come fully into the present, and move creatively into the future. If you are open to learning more about yourself, relationships, life, spirituality, and purpose, I'd love to help guide you on your way.


The Mystic

It Is Better to Travel Well Than to Arrive

A mystic is a person who has first-hand experience of the Inner Divine.  My spiritual experiences began early in life and held my attention as I grew, eventually leading me to become a contemplative Christian.  The practices of a mystic include meditation, prayer, contemplation, devotion and communion with God in Spirit.  The Christian mystic is drawn into deeper and deeper union with the GodSelf through dedication and devotion to Jesus Christ and Mother Mary as their Way Showers.  Over time, one resides in a consistent state of union with the Divine, experiencing the physical and spiritual worlds as one continuum of consciousness and acting as a bridge between the two.  Dancing in the doorway between worlds, the mystic is in the world but not of the world.  One becomes a conduit of grace and truth as the movement of the Spirit guides the embodied experience.  At the level of consciousness of a Bishop and Master Teacher, this allows one to be a mediator for others to rise in consciousness.  


The Mission

Ma Devi's mission is to alleviate suffering and raise the consciousness of humankind.  Whether training and ordaining ministers, teaching at a university, offering counseling or spiritual services in the chapel, Ma Devi works tirelessly to meet people where they are and help them advance on the path of conscious evolution.  She established Sacred Balance, a spiritual community with several chapels and an online presence to support the practices of the Christian mystic, which are meditation, prayer, devotion, sacraments and initiations.  She trains and guides people to raise their consciousness through time-tested spiritual practices.  As each person rises, the whole of humankind is lifted.  Using this premise, Ma Devi created a contemplative temple called Avalon to purposefully gather others who share the mission of raising consciousness on our planet.  We are on a mission to create the more beautiful world our hearts know is possible; heaven on earth, as Jesus called it.  We are happy to have folks join us in this mission of bringing about a peaceful, Christed civilization; one that focuses on compassion, care, love, harmony and equality.

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