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Words of Gratitude

Ma Devi was the clear resounding bell for me when I was desperately piecing together bits and pieces of spiritual direction amidst a cacophony of new age spiritualism. She is remarkable in her complete devotion and willingness to be exquisitely obedient to each moment, her ego following Spirit’s lead. I’ve had some spiritual trauma in the past which made it difficult for me to trust those with spiritual authority; however, her commitment to uplift and empower spiritual aspirants to their own personal sovereignty is palpable and genuine. Through working with her, I’ve been able to transform some of the strongholds of my ego and surrender to Spirit - only to experience ever more love, joy, and freedom."

Sayge WD, Hawaii

"What a beautiful blessing to be in the guidance of Ma Devi. After many years of growth and separation, we are now back together to make a loving shift in this world to make a better place for you and I. Her amazing efforts to raise the consciousness bring your heart right in. I am so grateful to be on this journey with Ma Devi."

Rosemary E, Texas

"I have worked with and learned from Ma Devi for almost 3 years and  my life has been transformed from a lost soul to a loving enlightened Spirit in Service to Love."

M. Cara C, Connecticut 

"I want to thank you for saving my life! I will never forget our first conversation the day I was told by a Dr. I was bipolar and needed to be on meds for the rest of my life. In my gut it didn't feel right but I wasn't sure I was sane after that diagnosis.  You helped me see the light within me and find my strength to advocate for myself, to connect to my higher power, find my truth, to pause and catch my breath and most importantly how to love myself! It frightens me to think if I chose the pills where would I be today, and then I think of all the people who have taken that road because they didn't know where to turn. The only way to Thank you is to pay it forward and be of service with love and light to others! You continue to support me in my growth and you always keep it simple for that growth to feel possible. I see things so differently because of your teachings and feel so much freedom for all that I know and all that I don't know, it is a blessing everyday. I look forward to exploring so much more with you. Thank you for being who I need(ed)!

Clare M, New Hampshire

"Ma Devi has been my spiritual director for the past two years.  I am amazed that in both the one-on-one and group sessions, the content is precisely what I need for my spiritual growth. Ma Devi has deep insight and wisdom, and encourages all those around her to give themselves fully to serving others. Ma Devi has a unique ability to make others feel at home and to include each person in our circle of community."

Marie DM, Pennsylvania

Ma Devi was an answer to a prayer. She helped me let go of a very toxic relationship that  had been effecting my mental and physical health for decades and there was no hope of repairing. She opened up my eyes to possibilities I never dreamed of bringing to life and she helped me open my heart to more love than I thought was possible. She breathed new life into my life and became my mentor and dear teacher. I feel so blessed to have had the good fortune to work with her."

Joesephine CS, Connecticut

"Mary Francis has been an integral part of my life for the last ten plus years as my spiritual therapist, mentor, spiritual teacher and friend. Someone whom I call soul family. Words cannot fully get to the depth of my gratitude, appreciation and love I have for this amazing woman. Someone I admire and respect deeply. Someone who I look up to as a Godly woman. Someone I deeply trust who has guided me along my path in Life. Someone who I can always count on to be completely and utterly honest with me. Mary Francis’s deep and profound wisdom, love, insight and teachings guided me through my days which has helped me evolve into the woman I am today. She taught me how to heal, how to fully love myself and come into knowing and embodying my true nature. And most of all she taught me how to cultivate a deep and intimate relationship with the Divine which lead me into Priesthood.  Mary Francis exemplifies the innate beauty and wisdom of true womanhood. Thank you for your unwavering dedication to serving God and humanity and paving a way to freedom and making the more beautiful world our hearts know is possible."

Cesarina S, Connecticut

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