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Christian Mystical Spiritual Community

Welcome to Sacred Balance, a transformative spiritual community and training institute offering esoteric teachings, daily contemplation and communion, retreats, personalized spiritual direction, and ministry training in the Independent Sacramental Movement.


Deepen your spiritual practice with the support of our community. As modern mystics, we offer the spiritual technology for alchemical transformation along the Christian Mystical Initiatory Path, through devotional practices, blessings, sacraments, and initiations.


Allow yourself to be healed of the past, surrender to the present moment, and connect to the God-Self within.



Immerse in esoteric and alchemical Christian Mystical teachings as a path to the evolution of human consciousness. Teachings take place 1-on-1 with a Master Teacher as well as in group settings. 


Sacred Balance ministers offer Daily Contemplation and Communion. The Mystical Christian communion is a high vibrational sacrament and offers a transformative experience for those who partake.


Sacred Balance holds in-person and online gatherings to support transformational growth. Immersive retreats are filled with teachings, meditative and devotional practices, sound healing, Sacraments, Initiations and Ordinations.


Our community is dedicated to raising the consciousness of the planet and we start by raising up those closest to us. We help alleviate suffering by praying fervently for those who submit requests for prayers. 


Our closed Facebook group provides a safe space for members to interact and uplift one another. Join our discussions, daily Facebook Live Contemplation & Communion, and access other service offerings.


Book study groups are offered at the time of Lent and Advent to deepen our devotional practices. We meet weekly to discuss and meditate on the essence of the readings. Lectio Divina may be practiced for some sacred texts.

The Christian Mystical Initiatory Path



Sacred Balance is a non-denominational spiritual community offering independent minister training in the Christian Mystical tradition. 


The training is offered for those devoted to the Way of the Christ and the transformative process of sacraments, initiations and ordinations. Those called to serve in ministry may train for the Diaconate (Deacon training, approx. 2 years) and may apply for further training in the Priesthood (Priest training, approx 3 years in total, or approx 1 year after Diaconate).  Ministers may go on to serve congregations, officiate at weddings, funerals, baby blessings, and offer the sacraments of Communion, Absolution, Baptism, Marriage, and Last Rites. 


All ministers are ordained in the independent sacramental tradition, which allows them to serve according to their calling and as the spirit guides them.  If you are feeling called to ministry, please contact us for an exploratory conversation. 


- Matthew 22:14

For many are called, but  few are chosen.

To learn more about the Mystical Christian Initiatory Path, download 
Rt. Rev. Dr. Mary Francis Drake's book,

 Conscious Evolution on the Mystical Christian Initiatory Path:
A Spiritual Technology for the Golden Age

Year 1


A novice is trained in the practice of meditation and prayer and dedicates themselves to regularly attending services and receiving sacraments. The novice works with a priest to review their life, transform through the power of forgiveness and grace, and accept
the initiation of mystical baptism. This baptism is a process of cleansing and atonement as well as a dedication to Master Jesus and Mother Mary as the Teachers of their soul. In addition, attendance in annual two book contemplations and two training retreats per year is essential to progress in the transformative process. This process leads to the next initiation of mystical
illumination as space is made in the psyche and energy body for light to increase and radiate from the novice.

Year 2


For the first level of ministry includes apprenticing with a priest or
bishop in the care of the congregation and the chapel. The first level of ministry requires a life vow in service to God and humanity. This is an independent ministry, not tied to any denomination or group, not even the Sacred Balance community. Once ordained, if a deacon desires to move toward priesthood, further training in the movement of spiritual energy in and through the minister, they focus on spiritual practices leading to the initiation of Self-
Realization, or awareness of the divine in their own being.

Year 3


Training for the priesthood includes further experience and guidance in
relating to the inner divine and disciplined practice of the energetic and mystical arts of moving energy through the sacraments and initiations. This second level of ministry requires eternal vows in service to God and humanity. The Mystical Christian Priest is one who vows all lifetimes to working toward the raising of human consciousness and the restoration of every human soul to atonement or oneness with the Divine. The Priest Ordination marks the completion of the ministerial training at Sacred Balance, though some will be raised up into the bishopric.





1:1 Spiritual Direction




Teachings & Gatherings




Winter & Summer Retreats




Sacraments & Services


Total Hours


Sacred Balance Ministry Training

Sacred Balance Ministers

Ma Devi, Rt. Rev. Dr. Mary Francis Drake, MA, MSW, DMin


Mary Francis was ordained a priest in 2005, and a bishop in 2020. She is founder and co-director of Sacred Balance. She is also a university faculty in Psychology and Sociology, an author, poet, counselor and former hospice worker. She lives in southern Vermont in a conscious community where she serves in the Sacred Balance Chapel.

Rt. Rev. Dr. Beatrice Borden


Beatrice was ordained a priest in 1999, and a bishop in 2015. She is co-director of Sacred Balance as well as a Naturopath, and business owner. She lives in southern Vermont in a conscious community where she serves in the Sacred Balance Chapel.

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Rt. Rev. Ruth (Deborah) Cairo


Ruth was ordained a priest in 2020 and a bishop in 2022. She is a faculty with Sacred Balance, helping to train deacons and priests. She is also a business owner, and runs a Sacred Balance chapel from her home in Connecticut.

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Rev. Miriam DiMenna


Miriam DiMenna was ordained priest in 2022. She is also a mental health therapist, and is the author of Fierce Compassion, Deep Devotion, Poems for Mystics and Activists. She resides in Philadelphia.

Rt. Rev. Elise Drake

New Hampshire

Elise (Audrey) Drake stepped onto the path of Christian Mysticism when she was baptized in her early 40's. Over the next several years she studied with Ma Devi and Mother Beatrice while aligning her outer life as a professional musician, Kundalini Yoga Teacher, Sound Healer, Reiki Master Teacher and Intuitive Life Coach with her Spiritual path. Ordained a Priest in 2022 on retreat in HI, and later that year as a Bishop, Elise is a regular contributor to classes, retreats and Ministerial training within Sacred Balance.

Rt. Rev. Mirabai Liyan Wan


Mirabai was ordained a priest in 2022 and a bishop in 2023. As a Spiritual Director, she ministers to spiritual seekers from diverse faith traditions. Additionally, she is a creative entrepreneur in the fields of design and education.

Rev. Jacob Doerr


Ordained in September 2023, Jacob focuses on raising consciousness through contemplation, prayer, and devotional acts of kindness and gratitude.

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Modern Mysticism


Take your Sacred Balance Ministry to the next level.


Through our partner Ubiquity University, you have the opportunity to turn your Sacred Balance Ministry into an MA/PhD or combination of the two.


For almost 20 years, Ubiquity University has been a global provider of transformational higher education. Each year, through their degree programs, events and 20,000+ member community platform, they have been educating and empowering people who wish to serve a new world paradigm.


Become a thought leader in this field.

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