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 I AM Ma Devi. 

I am here to remind you that You are the Light of the World.


Unknown Friends,

I Am Ma Devi, also known as Mary Francis Drake. By spiritual training and ordination, I am a Mystical Christian Bishop. By academic training, I am a therapist and university faculty and have a Doctorate in Ministry. I have also had training and experience in yoga, meditation, postpartum doula work and hospice work.


Those are the credentials you might be interested in, but who I am in fact is a Servant of Love. Ma Devi is my spiritual Name and means ‘divine mother.’  In this given role, my mission is to love people by seeing them, hearing them, receiving them and uplifting them.

All of the offerings you’ll see here are meant for the purpose of alleviating suffering and lifting people into connection with the inner divine and their own soul’s purpose in life. Because of the wide breadth and depth of my experience and expertise, I have many tools with which to help you. 


If you are struggling or feeling discontent or unguided, I hope you will consider speaking with me about how I might help you find your way home to yourself and to peace.  Let’s talk about what has you unsettled and see if we can get you to a place where you feel relieved, revived and reinvigorated for a hopeful future.

Deep Peace to You,

Ma Devi

The Right Reverend Dr. Mary Francis Drake

MA, MSW, D-Min

Meet Ma Devi


Dancing in the Doorway: A Life's Journey Between Worlds

Purposeful memoir, 2022

This book is the story of a life told for the purpose of bringing healing and hope to the reader. Dancing in the Doorway tells of one woman’s journey of suffering and victory over suffering; of pain and the hard-won wisdom of pain. Throughout this journey, the author's spiritual experiences paralleled the lessons of life in both intensity and consistency. The resilience, passion and liberation of spirit that resulted are both miraculous and victorious. Every human has a heroes journey to embark upon. This purposeful memoir be just the map of sorts to guide and encourage the reader along their own unique way.

beauty, grit & grace

Poetry collection, 2018

'beauty, grit & grace' captures the sublime and mundane moments of life in poetry. She hopes your heart will be sparked in remembrance, kinship and understanding. We're all on this raw and awesome journey together, may we move in genuineness and courage as time passes by.


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